Usually, many dieters are willing to endure hunger by not eating all day so they can fast for a good meal at their favorite restaurant. This is actually the wrong way. When you go to a restaurant hungry, the food you should have avoided or disliked is bound to become more appealing. The condition of a hungry stomach causes you to want to eat more food with the assumption “as long as the stomach is full”.


The solution is to eat as usual as your diet every day. It’s just that, you have to remember the portion of the meal. When eating at restaurants, make sure you eat small amounts of food. If necessary, order a menu of foods that can be eaten together. so that there is no longer any excuse for the term “improvement of nutrition” or crazy about eating well in restaurants.

Whether eating at home or at a restaurant, a balanced diet should always be on every plate of your meal. Intake of a balanced diet includes complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. The combination of these food intakes will slow down the digestive system so that it keeps you full longer. You can go to our place and taste our Italian food near me.