Traders have to analyze currency pairs then choose a favorite pair and suddenly the profit comes. But the toughest ordeal is to maintain the condition for the long term. Some traders may be able to do it, but the majority are not. Although there are times for traders to hold daily trading positions, the main rule for taking profits is to take profits in the 40% -60% range of the average true range (ATR). This is a kind of indicator that can be placed on a chart. This percentage if converted is equivalent to 20-50 pips, depending on the selected pair. And tips on trading hours at this point, namely take the profit and don’t let it escape. It would be better to make a “small” consistent profit than to win just once. In the meantime, you might also need to visit if you’re looking for the most trusted nas100broker.

Then, traders in the UAE must always be aware of any news that will be released, especially those related to global economic policies. That way it can be said, whatever profit as long as it is above 75 pips must be taken immediately if you don’t want to just evaporate. The trial may be in how to bring the stop to the break-even point and try to catch new market movements again. Some traders may succeed in continuing the trading performance, but the majority of UAE forex traders will find it difficult to just repeat it.

Tips for trading hours at this point is to take profit when the pips earned have reached at least 75 pips. If the price approaches the entry point, say up to 30 pips, then news releases, increasing range spreads, and volatility will usually hit the stop position.

When this happens, the UAE forex trader will only get break-even points unless there is further movement of the market. So if a trader gets 100 pips from trading news, then holding the position a little longer is highly recommended because it means the market has determined where to move. However, if profit is difficult to increase and only reaches a maximum of 75 pips, you should take profit and get out of the market immediately before market volatility takes the profit that the trader has collected.