During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are no longer free to eat at our favorite restaurants. We can no longer freely taste our favorite dishes without having to cook or wash the dishes afterwards. Well, this corona virus pandemic has indeed changed a lot of things. Even though the “new normal” era has taken place and several restaurants have started to open, we still can’t be as free as we used to be to eat food at our favorite restaurants. Compiling publications in LiveScience, research from the US Centers for Prevention and Control proves eating at restaurants has a higher risk of transmitting Covid-19 than using public transportation or getting a haircut at a salon.

This is natural because while eating or drinking in restaurants, people cannot fully wear masks and practice physical distancing. To prevent this from happening, internal medicine expert from the Cleveland Clinic, Donald Dumford, advises us to order restaurant food with a takeaway, delivery order or drive-thru system. You can try it on restaurants near me.